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Signs Of Trouble In The Workplace: What You Should Know About Workplace Violence


Workplace violence comes in many forms and affects both employers and employees in businesses of all sizes and types. In some cases, the violence erupts from a smoldering disagreement between employees or between an employee and a staff member. Often these events come after an employee feels they were unfairly treated or terminated or after another employee receives something they felt should have been theirs.

Workplace violence can also be the result of something that is occurring in an employee's home life or purely as a random act of violence, making it even harder to foretell. No matter what causes it to erupt, workplace violence is happening more frequently than ever and recognizing the signs of impending trouble can help keep you from becoming a victim of this type of horrific event.  

Sudden or Increasingly Erratic Behavior

One of the first outwardly noticeable signs of unhealthy stress is when someone begins to exhibit erratic behaviors. This is especially worrisome in the workplace when this behavior occurs after some type of confrontation with another person or after some type of disappointment, such as being passed over for a raise or promotion. In some cases, however, the erratic behavior may occur due to a cause that is unrelated to the workplace in any way.

Worrisome erratic behaviors can include:

  • A sudden or increasing inability to manage time and complete tasks
  • Unusual or increasing tardiness and frequently leaving work early or missing work entirely
  • Displaying inconsistent levels of emotional highs and lows
  • Suddenly ignoring workplace safety rules, policies or guidelines
  • Changes in personal behaviors, such as using poor personal hygiene
  • Evidence of risky or out-of-control behaviors, such as abusing alcohol, drugs or gambling
  • Aggressive or threatening behavior in the workplace, or brandishing any type of weapon, including tools and equipment used in the workplace
  • Signs of sudden or increasing financial instability

Employees or staff members who notice erratic behaviors in the workplace should immediately report them to their human resources department or a member of management.

Workers' Compensation and Workplace Violence

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates employers to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, not all injuries received due to workplace violence are automatically covered by workers' compensation laws.

Workers who are injured in any type of workplace violence should contact a reputable workers compensation attorney immediately to insure that their case is handled fairly and to provide the best chance of being properly compensated for any financial losses cause by the act. Talk to places like http://asmlegal.net/ for more information.


27 February 2015