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Potential Pitfalls You Might Face When Trying To Get A Permit To Sell Alcohol

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Opening a restaurant or nightclub can be exciting, but the process of acquiring a liquor license might not be so thrilling. If you have to face a local zoning committee in order to acquire a permit allowing you to sell alcoholic beverages at your new restaurant or nightclub, it's important that you understand the potential roadblocks you might face along the way.

Identifying some of the potential pitfalls that could arise will allow you to prepare for the alcohol permitting process. Here are two common pitfalls to prepare for.

1. You may be denied because too many businesses in the area already sell alcoholic beverages.

One of the things a local zoning committee may look at when determining if you should be granted an alcohol permit is the number of businesses that are serving alcohol in the area where your restaurant or nightclub will be located.

Municipal governments are responsible for public welfare, and high numbers of alcohol sales in a given area could impact crime rates. Statistics show that alcohol plays a role in 40% of all violent crimes, making some zoning committees hesitant to allow a large number of establishments to offer alcohol to their customers in a concentrated area.

Be prepared to show that allowing your establishment to sale alcohol will not be detrimental to public welfare when seeking a permit in the future.

2. You may be denied a permit if you plan to offer alcohol outdoors.

If you intend to feature a patio or other outdoor area for your guests to enjoy, it's important to understand how this amenity could affect your ability to obtain an alcohol permit.

When patrons are allowed to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages outdoors, the general public could be exposed to liquor advertising and accessories. Research shows that exposure to advertisements and other messages that promote alcohol consumption could contribute to underage drinking if the viewer assimilates the message.

Be sure that you are able to provide proof that your outdoor dining or entertaining area will not expose minors to liquor advertising if you want to avoid being denied a permit to sell alcohol in the future.

Opening your own restaurant or nightclub can be risky, and obtaining a liquor permit is essential if you want to have a shot at success. Be sure that you take the time to understand the potential pitfalls associated with the local permitting process, and be prepared to overcome these pitfalls to avoid delays in obtaining a liquor permit for your new business. Contact a company, such as Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants, for more information. 


23 February 2016