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A few years ago, I was in a pretty serious car accident. During the aftermath, I became really familiar with a lot of different types of lawyers. I worked with personal injury lawyers, insurance lawyers, and many others. Perhaps the most important, though, was the estate planning lawyer. I was really young, and neither my wife or I had thought about starting a will. But the accident kind of scared us into it. What would happen if one of us were to die? Even when still in the hospital, I was working with the lawyer to draw up a will. Now, I have some peace and security about what the future will be like if something should happen to me. And I have a lot of experience working with various types of lawyers! The accident was kind of a blessing in disguise in that way.

3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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Whether someone's gross negligence or reckless behavior has caused you physical or mental trauma, you can oftentimes sue under the category of a personal injury lawsuit. If you wind up being the plaintiff in such a trial, it is important that you hire the services of a personal injury attorney. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn a few important reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer is imperative for your case.

Playing "Hardball"

Many defendants in personal injury suits are corporate or otherwise larger entities – such as a grocery store chain in the event of a slip and fall case or a hospital in the case of a medical malpractice suit. These larger entities have entire legal teams dedicated to these sort of personal injury suits. A lawyer will know how to negotiate, manage, and navigate through these teams and will also cause the defendant to take your claims seriously. An attorney is a great way to maximize the amount you will receive in damages from these larger entities, as well.

Delayed Injuries

Injuries that you at first believed to be minor can turn into much larger injuries down the road, or injuries that may only seem as if they are a surface injury may in fact turn out to be quite grave. For example, take into consideration a car accident where you seemingly had no injuries whatsoever. If somewhere down the road you find some sort of internal disruption, such as a ruptured spleen, your lawyer can be your advocate by presenting evidence and providing medical history and documents proving that the accident somehow caused the issue.

Mental Anguish Damages

It is difficult to establish that you have suffered from any mental trauma due to an accident. However, an established accident attorney can provide adequate, quantifiable proof that you have suffered from mental anguish due to the accident in question. As such, this will be negotiated into your settlement or the damages you receive at the end of the trial if you win. Psychological damage also possesses a monetary value in the eyes of the court, and a good personal injury attorney will be able use this in your favor.

Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of how a personal injury or accident attorney can help you throughout a personal injury suit. If you have any questions about what to expect when you file a personal injury claim, consider contacting a local accident attorney, such as Kaston & Aberle.


8 April 2016