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5 Things to Do Once Your Divorce Is Finalized

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If you are currently in the process of getting divorced, there are some things you will probably need to do when the divorce is finally over. You might not be thinking of these things because your focus might be on adjusting to your new way of life and getting things done that are needed for the actual divorce. As you work through your divorce issues and make the necessary decisions, you should also create a list of things you should do once it is finalized, and here are some of the things your list might include.

Complete Any Necessary Actions Required From Your Divorce Decree

The very first thing you will need to do is read over your divorce decree and complete any necessary tasks it states. For example, if you have to give your ex-spouse certain assets that are in your possession, gather them up and give them back. A divorce decree is final, which means failing to do what it says will leave you in contempt of court. Getting these things done will help you be able to avoid court issues and will help you move on.

Make Sure Your Credit Cards and Bank Accounts Are in Your Name Only

Once the divorce is through, it is also a good idea to look at every single account you have to make sure your name is the only one on it. This can include saving's accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, and loans. If you find that your ex-spouse's name is on any of these things, take the necessary steps to have his or her name removed. If this is not possible, see if you can close the account and open a new one in your name only.

Change the Beneficiaries on Your Assets and Insurance Policies

The next step to take is reviewing any insurance policies that might have your ex-spouse listed as the beneficiary. If this is the case, change the name of the beneficiary to your child's name or someone else that you would want to receive benefits if you died.

Update All Your Passwords Online

Another good step to take after a divorce is updating all your passwords on Internet sites. Go through your list of all the sites you log into regularly or once in a while and change the passwords. Although your ex may not have your current passwords, it's better to play it safe by changing all of them. This will reduce the chances that he or she may be checking up on what you are doing, and it will also prevent your ex from charging bills in your name.

Spend Time Working out Any Issues You May Have

Finally, once your divorce is through, you will need to begin working on yourself and any issues you may have from the divorce. This may include financial issues, emotional issues, or anything else that is bothering you. Addressing these things right away can help you work through them faster, and this will be beneficial in the long run.

You may want to begin this by making a list of the things that are bothering you or that you need to change. From there, you can begin making goals and coming up with ways to address and solve all the problems you have. If you need help doing this, visit a counselor or talk to a divorce lawyer.

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6 October 2016