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What Happens If You Get Charged With A Crime While On Probation?

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If you faced a criminal charge in recent times and were placed on probation for the crime, you will need to do all you can to follow the terms of your probation, and one term you must follow is not getting arrested for another crime. If you end up arrested for another crime while on probation, you should be aware of the following three things.

Committing a crime is one of the worst types of probation violation

There is usually a long list of conditions you must follow when placed on probation, and it is the job of your probation officer to make sure you understand what these are and that you follow them. You will have to sign the list of conditions for probation, and your signature affirms that you understand them and agree to follow them. Among the conditions is one that states that you agree not to commit any crimes during this probational period of time. If you commit a crime, it is considered one of the worst forms of probation violations, and it could result in a lot of consequences for you.

You will probably go to jail

When your probation officer receives the news that you were arrested for committing another crime, he or she can submit a request for a warrant for you. If this happens, the police will find you and place you in jail. The bad part about this type of arrest is that you will not have the option of bailing yourself out of jail. There will be no bond set for you, and you will have to remain in jail until you attend your court hearings and find out the verdict of your case. Additionally, you will lose other rights, including the right to a fast trial.

The consequences depend on many factors

While going to jail is a common result of committing a crime while on probation, there is also a chance this will not happen. Your probation officer can handle this offense differently if desired, but you must still attend a hearing for the matter. When the judge hears the situation, he or she will have the right to determine how to handle your consequences, and judges base this decision on a lot of different factors. These factors include your criminal record, the type of crime you committed, and the way you have handled your probation since it began.

Getting through your probation without committing a crime or violating other terms is the best way to handle probation; however, there are times when people make mistakes. If you are now facing a violation of your probation, you will need a good criminal lawyer to help you through this case. For more information and assistance, contact your local criminal defense lawyer today. 


6 June 2019