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Served With Papers For Your Uncontested Divorce? Here Are 3 Steps You Should Take

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Some people can become distressed when facing uncontested divorce, more so after being served with divorce papers. Some may not be surprised, perhaps because they have been expecting them for a while. Others are completely shocked because they didn't see it coming. But whether you expect to be served with divorce papers or not, there are a few steps you need to take immediately after receiving them. The uncontested divorce process can be grueling and long, and you shouldn't find yourself unprepared. You definitely need to know what to do next and how your rights could be protected throughout the legal process. If you have been served with papers for your uncontested divorce case, here's what you should do.

Look for an Uncontested Divorce Attorney Immediately

If you receive divorce papers and take no action, you may face several problems later. So it's advisable to talk to a trustworthy divorce lawyer as soon as you get the papers so they can advise you on how to go about your uncontested divorce. They can also help you respond to your spouse in a way that doesn't infringe on your rights or your partner's rights. The lawyer will analyze the served papers and act within the given deadlines. And in case the kids are involved, the lawyer will help you develop a practical parenting plan and handle visitation rights and custody issues properly.

Respond to the Papers in Good Time and Make a Counterclaim

After receiving divorce papers, you are expected to respond within the stipulated period. Unfortunately, you could respond wrongly or even fail to respond in good time when you don't have an uncontested divorce lawyer to help you. And when responding to the papers being served, it's advisable to make a counterclaim. However, most people don't know what a counterclaim is and why they need to create one. 

In most cases, the divorce papers indicate the current issues affecting your marriage and how you should share the assets. If you aren't comfortable with what's outlined in the papers, you make a counterclaim to demand terms that best suit your expectations. And since you don't want to make any mistake in terms of alimony, asset sharing, and finances when crafting a counterclaim, let a competent uncontested divorce attorney help you do it.

Avoid Anything That Could Complicate Your Case Later

Once you are served with divorce papers, you should do your best to avoid anything that might hurt your case later. For instance, avoid domestic disputes as much as possible and avoid actions that may cause your spouse to call the police. Ensure you aren't charged with a crime because it won't work well for your uncontested divorce case. 

Refrain from alcohol and drugs, more so if kids are involved. Intoxication is dangerous because it leads to grievous mistakes, impaired judgment, and can fuel certain emotions. You should also avoid posting anything on personal web pages, such as Facebook, blogs, and Twitter, which might hurt your case. Inappropriate pictures, language, and comments could complicate your case in a big way.

For more tips, contact a local uncontested divorce firm, such as Ritter & LeClere APC Attorneys At Law.


24 November 2021