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You Have Been Served: Coping With Divorce Papers

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Although being served with divorce paperwork can be the beginning of the divorce process for some, it may also be just one of many events leading up to the final decree. Read on and find out what might happen before the papers are served.

The Separation Period

For many relationships, the end begins with a separation. Once the parties are living under separate roofs, several issues will arise. While it's not necessary to file any paperwork about your separation in all states, it's not a bad idea. Separation agreements can help the couple cope with such important issues as temporary living arrangements, child support, spousal support, and more. Speak to a divorce attorney for help with a legal separation agreement.

The Issue of Minor Children

Couples with children under the age of majority must make provisions for their care as they divorce. This is too important to leave up to a judge, however. It's better to decide upon matters concerning children between the parents. Child custody and visitation can be confusing. Talk to your lawyers to learn more about making some important child custody and visitation decisions during separation.

Explore the Financial Implications

Before you hire someone to serve divorce papers, make some decisions about financial matters. It will be difficult to ask for marital property in the divorce, for instance, if you don't have a full accounting of what is involved. Speak with your divorce lawyer and find out what constitutes marital property. That is the only property in play with the divorce.

Marital debts can also be a puzzling issue. Often, the debts are joint. However, any debt already held prior to the marriage is separate and not part of the divorce. Speak to your lawyer so that a fair division of both property and debt can occur with the divorce papers.

Financial disclosures may happen eventually. Whether you are provided with the information you need voluntarily, or it must be obtained through legal measures will dictate your course of action. Accurate and honest financial disclosure is vital to ensure that child support, alimony, marital debt, and marital property issues are fair.

The time to serve divorce papers is up to you. For many couples, the above issues are resolved only after one party gets serious enough about the divorce to serve the papers. To find out more about what happens before and after divorce papers are served, visit a site like http://gomezmaylaw.com/.


14 March 2023