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A few years ago, I was in a pretty serious car accident. During the aftermath, I became really familiar with a lot of different types of lawyers. I worked with personal injury lawyers, insurance lawyers, and many others. Perhaps the most important, though, was the estate planning lawyer. I was really young, and neither my wife or I had thought about starting a will. But the accident kind of scared us into it. What would happen if one of us were to die? Even when still in the hospital, I was working with the lawyer to draw up a will. Now, I have some peace and security about what the future will be like if something should happen to me. And I have a lot of experience working with various types of lawyers! The accident was kind of a blessing in disguise in that way.

Allowing An Experienced Wills Lawyer To Help You Plan Your Last Wishes

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When you have specific plans for what you would like done with your estate after you are gone, you need to make up a will before you die. However, you may have a few ideas of how to draft one on your own. You also need some help to learn what laws by which your final wishes must abide.

Rather than leave your estate to chance, you can hire an attorney to help you draft and file a will. You can make sure your final wishes are carried out precisely with the legal guidance of an experienced wills lawyer.

Identifying Heirs 

When you retain an experienced local wills lawyer, you can get legal help in naming your heirs to your estate. Without a will, you leave your estate vulnerable to unlawful claims against it. Anyone can say they have a claim to your assets and money and force a probate court to decide on the matter.

With a will in place, however, you can name the people whom you want to benefit from your estate. Your wills lawyer can include the names of those people in your will and minimize or eliminate the claims of anyone else who say they have a right to your estate after you are gone.

Bequeathing Assets

You may also want to give away assets to trusted and loved family members and friends after you are gone. For example, if you have a vast artwork collection, you may want to ensure those works of art go to a museum rather than a private home. Your wills lawyer can stipulate to what museum you bequeath those works of art in your will.

Your wills lawyer can also stipulate in your will to whom you leave other assets, including your home and vehicles. You may prevent your family from fighting over who gets what after you are gone or selling items you intend to go to friends and relatives.

Choosing Burial Plans

Finally, your wills lawyer can stipulate in your will what your final wishes are for your burial. You may want your funeral to follow certain religious rites. You also may want to be buried in a particular cemetery. You can have your wills lawyer include those details in your will.

A wills lawyer can assist you in creating a final will for your estate. You can name your heirs and bequeath assets to friends and relatives. You can also stipulate what your final funeral and burial wishes are in your will.

Consult a wills lawyer to learn more. 


11 April 2023