Fighting A DUI Your Received While Not Driving

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Driving while under the influence of any alcohol or controlled substances can lead to a DUI. Driving drunk on the road and being pulled over will have serious consequences. For these reasons it is appropriate to stay off of the road when you are under the influence. There are times where you may not be driving, but you would potentially be charged with a DUI. If you are sitting in the front of your vehicle that is turned on or if you are found in the front of a vehicle when you are drunk, you could be charged with DUI.

14 January 2019

Don't Get Taken In By These Bail Bond Scams

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When a loved one calls on you for help, it's only natural to do everything in your power to help them. When that loved one is sitting behind bars in jail, the situation takes on a new and disturbing dimension. While you want to do what you can to arrange bail for your loved one, you should take care in doing so. Scammers prey on the vulnerability of loved ones and, if you aren't careful, you can be taken for an expensive ride.

14 January 2019

When Time Is Of The Essence: Quicker SSDI Approvals

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When a worker falls victim to certain medical disorders, they may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Unfortunately, applicants must be prepared to wait for many months to find out if their cases are approved or denied. Some serious categories of illnesses have been identified by the Social Security Administration (SSA) as being eligible for a quicker approval process. Read on to find out more about the three SSA programs that might allow your loved one to gain Social Security benefits faster than usual.

30 November 2018

Did You Catch AaTeenage Neighbor in a Crime with Your Home's Surveillance? Contact a Lawyer Fast

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If you have caught one of the teens in your neighborhood doing something very illegal on a home camera and you want to press charges, it's best to meet with a lawyer first. You want to find a law firm in your area that takes family law cases. The law firm can then assign a lawyer to you that can go over the details of the case with you. Here are some of the things you want to know before you take further action, as well as some questions to ask the lawyer.

17 October 2018

Should You File For Divorce First Or Bankruptcy?

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If you and your spouse have agreed to part ways, then the right time to divorce might be sooner rather than later. If you add a need to declare bankruptcy into the equation, however, you might want to consider how your filing order could affect both of these major legal moves. Read on for a discussion of how to set priorities given your own situation. The Income Limit Rule One aspect of bankruptcy that could influence your decision revolves around your income.

12 September 2018

What You Should Do When Workers' Comp Sends You a Suitable Job Offer

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When you get hurt at work the last thing on your mind is having to do more work but at some point, you might be in that exact position. If your injury has left you unable to go back to the job you had when you were injured the workers' comp insurance carrier may ask you to work at an alternate position. Read on to learn more about this issue.

14 August 2018

Things You Need To Know To Help Get Your Family To The U.S. Legally


The immigration laws in the United States can make bringing family members here from different counties seem impossible. While there is a lot of paperwork, and you may end up having to wait a few years before they can come, doing things legally is the only way to ensure everyone gets to stay together. It is possible to do all the paperwork yourself, however, because of the huge number of people wanting to immigrate here everything must be done correctly and timely or you will have to start all over.

8 July 2018