Why Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

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Nothing is more dreadful for a motorcyclist than being involved in a road accident. It's especially horrifying when it's through no fault of your own but because of another motorcyclist's or motorist's negligence. Due to the design of your ride, an accident exposes you to serious injuries, and your motorcycle will likely sustain significant damage. If the accident is gruesome, you might not even be able to leave the scene of the accident without a third party's intervention.

29 June 2022

4 Ways Corporate Law Can Affect Your Business If You Do Not Have A Lawyer

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No one starts a business with the intent of winding up in a lawsuit, but it can happen to even the most well-run companies. If you're not prepared for a corporate law dispute, your business could be in for a world of trouble. Luckily, having a corporate lawyer on retainer can help keep your business on track and out of court. Here are just a few ways corporate law can affect your bottom line if you don't have an attorney watching your back.

31 May 2022

How Much Of My Debt Will I Have To Pay During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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If you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will be able to discharge all of your debts. However, if you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be paying off some of your debts over the course of a number of years determined by the law. After you have paid off much of your debt, you will be able to discharge the remaining amount. However, you might wonder how much of your debt you will have to ultimately pay.

2 May 2022

Do You Wish To Receive Maximum Compensation For Your Motorcycle Accident Damages? 4 Workable Ideas

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Motorcycle accidents carry a high risk of permanent disability, especially when riding without quality protective gear. So, in addition to exercising caution on the road, you should seek instant treatment for injuries sustained in an accident. Timely medical care keeps you away from life-threatening conditions. Besides that, a doctor's medical report enables you and your lawyer to substantiate your claim.  But even with medical evidence, the insurance company may be hesitant to compensate you for one reason or another.

24 March 2022

The Financial Costs Of A Car Accident

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If you have been hit by a careless driver and are now injured, you may already know all about the physical costs of the accident. You can be paid for pain and suffering, a form of damage you should speak to your personal injury lawyer about. However, one of the first problems some accident victims notice is that their financial situation has suddenly worsened – a lot. To find out more about being paid for your financial damages after a car accident, read on.

17 February 2022

Why You May Want To Hire A Lawyer Who Specializes In CRE

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If you're considering hiring a commercial real estate lawyer, you might wonder what distinguishes CRE from other parts of this field of law. You may wish to hire a commercial property real estate attorney if you're dealing with any of the following three situations.  Zoning One of the most basic arguments for working with a commercial real estate attorney is you might have to address zoning issues. Most folks acquiring CRE will want to know they can legally use the properties for their particular plans.

5 January 2022

Served With Papers For Your Uncontested Divorce? Here Are 3 Steps You Should Take

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Some people can become distressed when facing uncontested divorce, more so after being served with divorce papers. Some may not be surprised, perhaps because they have been expecting them for a while. Others are completely shocked because they didn't see it coming. But whether you expect to be served with divorce papers or not, there are a few steps you need to take immediately after receiving them. The uncontested divorce process can be grueling and long, and you shouldn't find yourself unprepared.

24 November 2021